Wine Brands Portfolio

We are passionate about bringing you quality wines. We couple this passion with our valuable relationships with prestigious winemakers who produce consistently fine wine.

From traditional wine growing regions of Europe to New World vineyards in emerging regions, we appreciate the balance of tradition and history with modern approaches and methods.

We believe that every wine and vineyard has its own unique story to tell. The grapes, the winemakers, soils, climates and regions each combine to bring a particular wine’s story and essence to life.

At Portage, we thoroughly enjoy and take pride on being caretakers and storytellers for the vineyards and wines we have been trusted to represent.

Stefano Ricci

The perfectly balanced bouquet of spicy and fruity notes, with clean-edged hints of blackberry leaves a sensation of mild sweetness with flashes of balsamic that cling to all of the senses. This magnificent taste is enhanced by its ruby red colour with clear violet reflections that capture the eye. True to the designer’s philosophy, dedicated to reaching perfection in the smallest details, this exceptional wine is a real masterpiece of Florentine craftsmanship embracing pure 100% Made in Italy.

Armani Casa Glassware

Portage is pleased to offer Armani Casa table accessories, including fine glassware and coasters.

Armani Casa Lou Lou Wine Glass (Set of 6)

Murano Glass hand made in Murano, Italy.

  • Red Wine Stem Glass – 2.9 x 5.5h inches.
  • White Wine Stem Glass – 2.8 x 5h inches.
  • 6 units each.

Armani Casa Gomez Champagne Stem Glass (Set of 6)

  • 3.27 x 10h inches
  • 6 units

Armani Casa Efrem Coasters

Set of 6 coasters with lizard texture

  • made from brass
  • in calf leather cylindrical box

Armani Casa Efrem Under Plates

Under plate with lizard texture

  • 13.1 x 0.2 inches
  • 6 units

Other Brands Portfolio

By working with craftsmen who pride themselves on small batch brewing award-winning flavourful beers, we are focused on bringing new and exciting flavours direct to our customers.

Steamworks Brewing Co.

In 1995, Steamworks first took hold of their historic, Gastown brewpub location and discovered deep within the building’s core, a network of underground steam pipes – the same pipes that run through Gastown’s historic steam clock. Intrigued by the concept of direct steam powered brewing, they ventured forth to create a one-of-a-kind steam fired brewery; the first in Canada.

For nearly 25 years, beer aficionados have traveled to Steamworks famous brewpub to savor these unconventional and award winning brews.

Steamworks Brewing Co. is located at 375 Water Street, Vancouver, BC.

Steamworks: Strawberry Rhubarb Berliner Weisse

A Berliner Weisse brewed in Berlin. The second collaboration between Steamworks and BRLO, Germany. Infused with a smattering of ripe strawberries and fresh rhubarb. Expect a pang of sourness which is balanced perfectly by a gorgeous burst of ripe fruits. This beer marks a longstanding relationship between BRLO and Steamworks. It is the first in an ongoing series of beers which will be shipped between Berlin and Vancouver.

IBU: 16 ABV: 4.7%

Available on tap at Steamworks Brewing Co., 375 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

Steamworks: Welde Weizen Hell

Since 1752. Imported directly from Germany where wheat beers originated, this pale yellow naturally cloudy Heffeweizen pours a fine yet dense foam. Its fruity scent combined with a fine banana aroma, make it particularly appealing.

ABV: 5.2%

Available on tap at Steamworks Brewing Co., 375 Water Street, Vancouver, BC